Surgical Overall type -5 -6 , for Hospital/ Laboratory/Pharmaceutical , Disposable coverall Type 5 6 Disposable Microporous Coveralls , PP+PE/PTFE/SMS materials ,EN 14126 standarts number , Medical coverall non woven suit against covid-19, disposable coverall type 5 6 Type 5 Particle tight coveralls(against solid particles) Type 6 Limited Spray-tight coveralls(against light mist spray) Anti-static With antistatic properties Flame resistance With Flame resistance properties SMS/Microporous PE coated(UPC) materails, with hood or with collar, elastic cuff,waist and ankle,long zipper in front of coverall.

Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment
  • surgical overalls
  • medical coveralls
  • type 5 6 overalls surgical coveralls

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