Features: the filter layer can pass over 100% of the air. It has the efficacies of gas defense, deodorization, antibacteria, filtration sterilization and dust retardation, has isolation effects for preventing bacteria droplets from infection and filtering ash and dust, and has significant effect especially in the occasions with irritant gases such as organic gas, acidic volatile matter and pesticide. Efficacy: can effectively cut off the particulate and floating dust, and absorb various industrial waste gases such as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia, thereby reducing the harm from noxious gas to human respiratory system. Applicable industries: applied to guarantee the operation safety of the staff worked in mildly polluted environment such as precision manufacturing plant, electronics industry, semiconductor industry, sandblasting & coating workshop, food processing factory, hospital and research unit.

Masks, safety
  • Surgical Tie-on face mask
  • Tie-on face mask
  • Medical Tie-on face mask

Product features

size: 17.5*9.5cm/14.5*9.5cm/18*9cm
Color: Blue/white/pink/green
Style: Tie-on,3 ply,3/4 fold
Material: PP Nonwoven,filter paper
Packing: 25pcs/box,500pcs/carton or customized

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