Swine/piglet plastic feeding trough/pan/feeder /creep feeder

piglet/swine/pig complement trough

14.00$ TTC
Qaulity can be up to 500 pcs ,the price can be lower


1. Plastic piglet feeding pan 2. Pan size: Diameter:32.7cm * Pan height:32cm * Pan thickness:0.8mm 3.Material:Plastic 4.Weight/1unit :750g 5.Advantages: *We take plastic for the piglet feeder pan and 100% new PE for the hopper, and galvanized bracket, which make sure for higher quality, and much more durability. *We can offer you with two types with different volume of the plastic hopper, 50kgs/100kgs capacity. *Advantages: Advanced design and new style; Easy installation;Anti-Corrsive, Easy cleaning, Durability. *Faster delivery, because we are the manufacturer and have enough stock. *the surface is smooth,not easy scratch piglet *big capacity,can save the fodder

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