Automatic Systems swing gate PMD is used in conjunction with the PNG security entrance lanes. With he similarity of design allows for an aesthetically-pleasing uniformity when installed together with the PNG. It provides a wider walkway for the evacuation of buildings in the event of an emergency and/or for people with reduced mobility and for services personnel. The PMD 337 is a motorized gate, with brushed stainless steel housing with the same length as the PNG 382, PNG 392 and PNG 392 Twin. Security Mechanical and electric locking in the closed position prevents fraudulent entry Audible and visual alarms Safety Automatic opening in the event of an emergency Safety photocells Modularity Multiple configurations for passage management (free, controlled, mono- or bi-directional...) Easy integration with any type of identification or authorization system Stand-alone installation facing a wall, railing or other type of obstacle Installation for independent or simultaneous...

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