Swivel unit for rotary tables

Rotary tables and rotation axis


A lever clamping permits a simple, fast and exact adjusting of different working levels, without any efforts to adapt the devices. The swivel unit is available for the rotary tables RT2A075, RT2A100, RT2A150 und RT2A200. Field of applications: Assembly technologies, measuring and testing equipments, laser writing, welding, cutting, as well as special mechanical engineering. Features (RT2A100, RT2A200): Individually adjustable swiveling range from -5° to +95°. Fixed stop iin the 0° and 90°. Other positions possible by customer request. Clamp and locking effect through laterally installed, adjustable clamping lever. On one side appropriate scaling in 1° steps. Fixing of the swivel unit through four countersinking holes in the base plate.

Bearings, roller
  • Swivel unit for rotary tables
  • Rotation axis
  • roller-bearing

Product features

Material Aluminium, anodized black

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