Syaloderm - anti cellulite gel

Helps reducing imperfections of Cellulite, orange peel and mattress skin


SYALODERM® Polyenzymatic Gel is an innovative Formulation that combines specific Enzymes and Cosmetic Active Ingredients, synergistic, for intensive action in the treatment of Cellulite and localized fat deposits. Collagenase: enzyme that helps reduce the visible signs of the orange peel skin effect. Hyaluronidase: enzyme useful for the elimination of excess fluids. Lipases: enzyme that promotes the mobilization of excess lipid accumulation in Adipocytes, improving the visible appearance of Cellulite. Escin and Centella: they improve the activation of the cutaneous microcirculation. CafeSilane: it is a complex of caffeine and a derivative of Silanol (Siloxanetriol Alginate) whose synergy is useful in the treatment of localized fat deposits.

  • cellulite
  • orange peel
  • locallized fat
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