Syringe pump

Designed for long-term infusion of medicines to the patient at a given rate


Advantages: - super compact (does not require additional set) - quickly brought into working state; - easy to operate; - autodetection of fill volume of syringe (from 5 to 20 ml); - special infusion mode during CPR. Description: a distinctive feature of this device in the group of compact automatic portable pumps is the CPR mode and a convenient control interface. This allows you to simplify the work with the device as much as possible: you need to set only one parameter – the infusion rate. In combination with its small size, weight and low price, the device is a very convenient instrument for working in emergency first aid, especially in the field. You can use three-part single use syringes with a filling volume of 5 to 20 ml.

Medical Equipment
  • Precision syringe pump
  • emergency kit
  • first aid kits

Product features

Overall dimensions, mm (167x92x32) ±5
Weight, not more than, g 300
Range of setting the infusion rate: from 0.1 to 600 ml/h
Accuracy of setting the infusion rate ± (0.04 ml / h + 2% of the current value)
Bolus infusion rate 1250 ± 250 ml/h for 20 ml syringe.
Maximum power consumption when charging 6 W
Work from the built-in 3.6 V battery (3хААА) at least 10 hours at an infusion rate of 600 ml/h

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