Possible uses: Do you wish to do horizontal processing around a workpiece without changing the tool, but you don‘t have a machine with a C-axis? Or maybe individual machine elements must be provided with compressed air, electricity, or another medium? BENZ has a variety of system components that do this and more and work flawlessly with your existing solution. Tool machines for machining - Metal - Wood / materials similar to wood - Light metal - Composite materials Custom solutions: In addition to the components shown here we also offer special system solutions. Challenge us! Product benefits: - Supplies system components with a variety of media, i.e. compressed air, electrical power, hydraulic oil, water / cooling water, minimum quantity lubrication, etc. - For hollow shaft Ø77 and up - Up to 8 lines compressed air / fluid - Up to 24 kW power transmission - Transmission of up to 24 signals

Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories
  • Machine tooling technology
  • System Components
  • Rotary disturbor

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