System of remote extinguishing



PiroStrel - a system of remote extinguishing. PiroStrel is an automatic thrower with extinguishing fillers. Each filler contains extinguishing substance inside of the polymeric cover. “Dry water” is used as a filler. This substance is completely safe for human and environment as well as it doesn’t damage your property. Due to its non- conducting features it can be used for extinguishing objects under voltage up to 35kW. The thrower shoots fillers on the distance up to 100 m. It's particularly important since in most cases it’s difficult to get closer to the seat of fire using a standard fire extinguisher. PiroStrel’s rate of fire is 300 shoots per minute. In one minute, the thrower can provide the seat of fire with the amount of fire-extinguishing substance capable to cope with up to 100 m3 of fire surface.

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Product characteristics

Extinguishing volume
From 0,01 м3 up to 30 м3
Maximum supply voltage of electrical equipment
Up to 35 кW
Operating temperature
From -40°C up to +60°C
Response temperature
From +120°C up to +150°C
Type of extinguishing agent
Liquid extinguishing agent (GFFS) - a liquefied mixture based on organofluorine substances
Area of using of the device
For remote extinguishing of the objects


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