Used in hand tapping operations and provide the reach and leverage needed for accurate tapping in tight spaces. Heavy duty ductile steel body with knurled chuck, four equalizing jaws to hold the tap true and sliding T-bar which can be used when tapping against a shoulder or other obstructions. T TAP WRENCHES / HANDLE (SOLID JAWS) T HANDLE TAP WRENCH - STANDARD TYPE T-handle tap wrench allows you to turn taps to help make screw threads. Fixed wrench has an extended shank for hard-to-reach tapping jobs. Fixed "T" handle for tapping in open areas. Used in Hand Tapping. Can be used on other tools with a square head, such as screw extractors and reamers. Heavy knurled Cap for better grip. Ideal tool for general tapping application. Item Code No.Tap Capacity ABM-IMT-59601/16" to 5/32" ABM-IMT-59615/32" to 1/4" ABM-IMT-59623/16" to 5/16" ABM-IMT-59631/4" to 1/2" ABM-IMT-5964Set of 3 Pcs. consisting of ABM-IMT-5960, 5961 and 5962

Machine tools - metal machining
  • Threading tools
  • hand wrenches
  • T Tap Wrench / Handles Solid Jaws Manufacturer and Exporter India

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