TA Luft and EN15848 Valve stem packing sets

Valve stem packing set - TA 400


Pre-compressed ring-set made of expanded graphite and reinforcement to protect against extrusion Characteristics Packingset made by combining two expanded Graphite grades and designs in order to avoid blow out and extrusion and as well enhance the sealability of this valve sealing set. The set was tested and approved by the AMTEC GmbH Lauffen in Germany. The leakage parameters of 8.6 x 10-3 mbar · l/(s·m) complies with the VDI 2440 at +400 °C, which specifies a maximum allowed leakage of 1.0 x 10 -2 mbar · l/(s·m) (test media helium) and is therefore recommended as a high grade seal system. Operating range Pressure without LiveLoading: p 40 [bar] Pressure with LiveLoading: p 160 [bar] Temperature without LiveLoading: t 400 °C Temperature with LiveLoading: t 400 °C pH: 0 - 14 Main application Valves Flaps Gate valves Fittings Suitable for Power plant technology Chemical industry Petrochemical plants Boiler houses Refineries Approvals TA Luft / VDI 2440 Certificate

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