TAA series – Flange-type, large capacity hollow cone spray

Hydraulic Nozzles – Hollow Cone Spray Pattern


Features Stable spray pattern under low pressures owing to the involute vortex chamber design. Made of highly wear-resistant SiC (silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide). Lightweight as made in all SiC (less than half of metal nozzle). Applications Absorption tower of flue gas desulfurization equipment Spraying slurry

Nozzles - non-ferrous metal
  • industrial spraying
  • desulfurization equipment
  • Spraying systems, industrial

Product features

Pipe conn. size 2–4T(Flange size)
Spray angle 67-80°
Mean droplet diameter 1,800–3,800 μm
Strainer Not included
Standard pressure 0.07 MPa (ca. 0.7 bar)
Spray capacity 200–1,200 ℓ/min
Air Consumption -
Free passage diameter 28–68 mm

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TAA Serie Hollow cone spray nozzle

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