Ever wondered why you get a slight taper when turning over a long distance. Its usually because your tailstock is not in line. To eliminate this the test bar fits between your head stock -tailstock. Unit is hardened and ground parallel and centered at both ends. • Manufactured to high precision from alloy steel and heat treated a hardness of 62HRC + 2 HRC. • Each piece is inspected for concentricity within 0.0001” and parallelism. • Useful for alignment test between centres as well as in Morse Taper spindles. Item Code No.ShankSize InchSize mm ABM-IMT-40001MT6150 ABM-IMT-40012MT7-1/4181 ABM-IMT-40023MT5125 ABM-IMT-40034MT11275 ABM-IMT-40045MT13325 ABM-IMT-40051-1/212300 ABM-IMT-4006ISO 4012300 ABM-IMT-4007ISO 5012300

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