TAS FKH Flange Couplings

Hydraulic Shaft-/Flange Couplings


The main function of a hydraulic lange coupling (hereinafter called FKH) is the safe connection of two shafts. For example, between a drive shaft and a transmission shaft. The FKH produces a rigid and backlash-free connection between the shafts. This connection is mainly used to transmit torque, but can also absorb bending moments. The FKH is located in the power low. It is installed by sliding the FKH onto the shaft and the subsequent tightening of the hydraulic system. By using conical surfaces the inner diameter reduces and the radial pressure is built up. After clamping the FKH will be locked mechanically and the hydraulic pressure will be removed. Due to this simple approach, the FKH is suitable for repetitive clamping operations. Advantages of the FKH: • high transmittable torque and bending moments (high friction) • application-speciic design/customization • easy mounting and adjustment because of clearance it • relatively low pressure (closed system) • very rapid...

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