TAURUS® 1 Speed Rivet Axial eco (blind rivet setting tool)

Axial version of the speed riveting setting tool for special applications


Working range The rivet setting tool is designed for setting standard speed rivets from 2.4 - 4.8 mm Ø of all materials, as well as up to 4 mm Ø in stainless steel. Technical data Traction power: 3,500 N at 6 bar Stroke: 26 mm Operating pressure: 5-7 bar Air hose connection: 6 mm Ø (1/4’’) Weight: 3.0 kg Advantages • Also perfectly designed for fixed installation in production lines or semi-automatic workstations • Very practical for processing blind rivets in positions that require a vertical rivet setting process • Can be suspended on a balancer • Quick setting process, fast rates • Safe working through disposable mandrel and optional automatic switchoff • Ergonomic handling for fatigue-free work • Light and compact design • Modular construction based on the TAURUS® design • Softgrip • Tool-free conversion (spreader nosepiece and spring)

Hydraulic tools
  • Blind riveting

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Material Steel, Plastic

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TAURUS Speed Riveting Technology

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