Working range The rivet setting tool is designed for setting standard speed rivets from 2.4 - 6 mm Ø of all materials. Technical data Traction power: 6,500 N at 6 bar Stroke: 30 mm Operating pressure: 5-7 bar Air hose connection: 6 mm Ø (1/4’’) Weight: 3.3 kg Advantages • Also perfectly designed for fixed installation in production lines or semi-automatic workstations • Very practical for processing blind rivets in positions that require a vertical rivet setting process • Can be suspended on a balancer • Quick setting process, fast rates • Safe working through disposable mandrel and optional automatic switchoff • Ergonomic handling for fatigue-free work • Light and compact design • Modular construction based on the TAURUS® design • Softgrip • Tool-free conversion (spreader nosepiece and spring)

Hydraulic tools
  • Blind riveting

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Material Steel, Plastic

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TAURUS Speed Riveting Technology

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