TAURUS® 2/K (Hydro-pneumatic blind rivet setting tool)

The pneumatic-hydraulic blind rivet setting series

972.00€ HT


The TAURUS® 2/K has been designed for setting plastic rivets. In its functionality the TAURUS® 2/K is identical to the standard tool, however has a stroke of 24 mm instead of 18 mm. Plastic rivets only need a low setting force, however, normally require large setting strokes due to the toughness of the plastic material. The TAURUS® 2/K allows to safely set plastic rivets with only one setting stroke! The TAURUS® 2/K comes with 3 nose pieces for plastic rivets 17/30 K, 17/35 K and 17/40 K included. Working range Blind rivets plastic from 4 up to 6 mm Ø. Nosepieces 17/30K; 17/35K; 17/40K Technical data Strength: 24 mm Tensile strength: 8,400 N

Hydraulic tools
  • Gesipa
  • Taurus series
  • Riveting

Product features

Material Steel, Plastic

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