The main task of the cabinet is to read the tags that mark the resources stored in the cabinet and to automatically register all data, i.e. activities performed with these resources. Thanks to RFID UHF tags information on items stored in the cabinet is automatically registered by the implemented software. Such information improves control over supplies and circulation of items stored in the cabinet. Cabinets work with the inventory management system we have created. This system consists of an application installed in the TECHCODE cabinet and operated via a touch screen and the software with which the application connects via a network (Lan or WiFi). The software allows you to configure the System and create an extensive database according to your preferences. It can be integrated with systems already used in the company. Cabinets can be opened with a proximity identifier, compatible with any Unique and Mifare identifiers or by using the touch screen.

Automatic dispensers
  • Metal furniture
  • Furniture with registration of resources
  • RFID cabinet

Product features

AUTOMATIC REGISTRATION OF RESOURCES Cabinets record every attempt to log in, open, collect and return resources
SECURE STORAGE Can only be opened by an authorized identifier
ONLINE DATA ACCESS Collected data can be accessed using the appropriate software
24/7 ACCESS Items can be dispensed and returned round-the-clock
Functionality The cabinet’s interior can be customised as needed
Compatibility Compatible with Unique and Mifare identifiers as well as other systems already implemented

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