RFID food lockers - opened without using keys. The compartment door can be opened only after positive verification of access data coded on the proximity identifier. Cabinets are equipped with electronic locks opened with a proximity identifier, compatible with any Unique 125 kHz or Mifare 13.56 MHz identifiers, which can take the form of a card, pendant or a sticker. Particularly useful for companies where HACCP system has already been implemented and employees cannot use keys within the production area but are allowed to carry RFID cards. The RFID system can be compatible with identifiers used in Time and attendance systems for work time registration (TnA). Each cabinet can contain up to 30 compartments of different size and configuration. RFID technology makes it possible to code an unlimited numer of identifiers for each compartment. It is also possible to open a numer of cabinets using a single RFID card.

Automatic dispensers
  • RFID cabinets
  • Milti-compartment furniture
  • Access control

Product features

NON-CONTACT OPENING Remotely opened by means of a proximity identifier
24/7 ACCESS Items can be dispensed and returned round-the-clock
SECURE STORAGE Can only be opened by an authorized identifier
Compatibility Compatible with Unique and Mifare identifiers as well as other systems already implemented
ONLINE DATA ACCESS Collected data can be accessed using the appropriate software

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