PVC INSULATED, INDOOR TYPE TELEPHONE CABLES Marking BIRTAS KABLO VBV 50 x 2 x 0.50mm 1403 02 050 TS 2814 Part no GOST-R Applications These twisted pairs cables are used as telephone cables inside the buildings for signal transmision and subscriber distribution purposes. VBV-K has tinned copper conductor which this cable is used especially at humudity places. Additionally these cables are suitable for applications at small bending radius. Cable Design Conductor Annealed copper conductor, solid; for VBV Tinned copper conductor, solid; for VBV-K Insulation PVC compound , IEC 60189-2 Core identification According to IEC 60189-2 Lay-up Cables up to (included) 10 pairs laid up in layers. 20-100 pairs , are formed with 10 pairs subgroups Separator Polyester tape (after 10 pairs) Outer sheath PVC compound, IEC 60189-2 Sheath colour RAL 7032,Grey Pair 2 cores twisted to a pair, in different lay-length

Product features

Standard TS 2814 / IEC 60189-2
Conductor resistance 0,50 mm = 97,8 Ω/km
Insulation resistance Min. 100 MΩ.km
Mutual Capacitance Max. 120 nF/km
Capacity Unbalanced 400 pF / 500 mt (Between pairs)
Operating voltage 250 V
Dielectric strength DC 1000 V
Temperature range - 30 oC ~ + 80 oC
Min. bending radius 10xD
Flame retardance test IEC 60332-1 & EN 50265-2-1


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