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TELSONIC Quality Control Center TQCC

Quality control integrated in the production process


TELSONIC Quality Control Center TQCC is a quality control station that can interface with multiple TELSONIC splicing machines on the production floor as a failsafe Quality Control system without a QC supervisor. The operator takes a pre-specified number of splices from a given welder to TQCC prior to the release of the machine for production shift. The fully self-contained TQCC station includes a pull-peel force tester, a precision weld nugget measuring device and a weld view camera for visual inspections. The user friendly software runs on an industrial panel PC with resistive touch screen. Using a bar code, the operator recalls the splice from the given splicing machine at the TQCC. The pull-peel, weld width and weld final height are measured and recorded automatically. The operator is blocked from operating the machine by TQCC until the measured values are within allowed tolerances and are successfully verified by the TQCC.

Quality control and certification
  • wire splicing
  • inspection

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