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Founded in 1992, Tetragon specializes in producing a wide array of multi purpose adhesives. We initially produced only dextrin adhesives, but as our business grew, we quickly switched to casein and polyvinyl acetate dispersion adhesives in order to capture a bigger share of our market. From the very beginning, we have established a development department, in order to cover the basis of manufacturing from A to Z. By doing so, we covered the full service from product idea to the result and thus meeting our customer’s demands and needs. We have a wide array of products that can meet the demand for different types of industries such as the packaging industry, production of hygiene paper, food, wood, graphic industries but also the manufacture of mattresses. We prioritize the use of our classic dextrin-based adhesives, a natural and renewable material that is more adapted due to the growing environmental concerns. As a company axed on innovation and founded by technologists, we at Tetragon are constantly focused on developing new products. We have a well-equipped laboratory when we analyze the essential properties of adhesives and test new technologies. Our research team is vast, competent and dedicated to following trends and adopting new findings. Thanks to our focus on quality, we were rewarded with several certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !

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Hygienic paper includes various kinds of toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins and handkerchiefs. The process of producing these items involves use of a number of different adhesives varying in their intended use, chemical composition, and other characteristics. These include adhesives for lamination, as well as those for gluing the first layer to the core, the last layer to the rolls and wrapping.


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We produce several types of remoistening adhesives for envelope’s front flap. These adhesives are easily remoistened once an envelope is full, thus becoming sticky (so-called remoistening gumming adhesives). These remoistening gumming adhesives can be 100% dextrin based, mixed dextrin and synthetic or 100% synthetic based. Permanent closing of envelopes may be performed manually or by a machine. Adhesives for side and bottom seaming can also be dextrin or synthetic based, they could be applied by roller or by nozzle and for these adhesives initial drying speed and film elasticity are highly important. Polystyrene and PP films are usually used for envelope windows, while adhesives based on copolymer dispersions are used for their bonding.


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Recently, paper straws are increasingly replacing plastic drinking straws. Manufacturing paper straws is process like we can see in production of paper core. Using a core - winding machine, the principle is the same but with a slightly different substrate. The choice of the paper and adhesive quality has a fundamental impact on the performance of the paper straw and the efficiency of manufacture. Our new adhesive solution for paper straws provides constancy during immersion in drink. The paper provides the desired barrier performance and sufficient strength of straws. The adhesive provides satisfying and firm bond strength.


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Expansion in the construction industry, made necessity for the industry of paper sacks and paper sacks with a plastic interlayer for packaging of powdered materials to grow as well. Tetragon can offer a full range of adhesives for the production of industrial sacks and bags for commercial packaging for various machines and various substrates.

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