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military machinery covers, protective tents for military machinery

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The formulation and manufacturing technology of this material has been developed under the control of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Mostly Teza-KHL is used to manufacture protective tents for military machinery (covers for armoured personnel carriers and other protective coverings). Acceptance Committee Representatives under the Ministry of Defence conduct production quality control to ensure the conformity of technical specifications of our material with the requirements of State Standard GOST РВ 0015-002-2012. The material has the unique frost-resistance (up to -60°С). The products made from Teza-KHL can be used in different climatic regions where temperature gradient may reach high values - from -60 to +70°С. The finished products made from Teza-KHL can be manufactured with joining fabric parts together both by sewing and welding (using thermal or high frequency processes).

Technical textiles for the transport industry
  • Technical textiles
  • pvc fabrics
  • technical fabrics

Product features

Mass 900+-50 gsm
Base Material Polyether
width 1.5m
Coating type PVC
Production method Calender
Adhesion N/5cm 35
Temperature requirements, С -35/+70
Thread type Dtex <Dtex> (L/W) 555/555
Tear resistance Н (L/W) 250/150

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