T-Flex handrails and benches


Removable stand with wheels at the back. Designed for sports facilities that require an economical, versatile solution for accommodating the public in different playing areas, depending on the event. The modules in this stand can be moved quickly by tilting each module backwards and moving them using the wheels. Modular structure : - Seating modules: with 5 seats per row (2.30 metres). - Staircase module: with 2 seats (0.96 metres). - Modules can be alternated with a variable layout. These are independent elements, so the composition is variable according to the needs of the installation. - Number of rows: available in 2 rows.

Complete version of this product available in FR
  • Terraces and grandstands
  • removable stands
  • stands for sports halls
  • stands for sports facilities

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14005 Córdoba - Spain