Goodland provides DATA PROCESSING BPO SERVICE undertake perfectly your business processes of data processing. High-level automation and solid experiences are our real competitive advantages. Our products: - Data creation & Capture (Data entry, OCR, ICR, OMR, Data pasting & Copying, Data crawling & scraping, Data extraction, Data tabulation...) - Data Enhancement & Manipulation (Data cleaning, Scanned image processing, Data sorting, Data indexing...) - Data analysis & Mining - Data representation & Output - Data migration & Conversion - Data preservation & Achiving - Data maintenance & Update (Data update, website maintenance, database maintenance..) - Data Access & Search.....

Software packages, data processing
  • Data entry
  • data development
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Product features

Right staffing 50-1000 staffs
Extremely competitive pricing 50$-100000$
Effective & flexible solutions Diversified solutions
Good facilities & process Standard work facilities and effective process
Meeting Scale-up & diversified hires Provided all position needed
Solid experience 11 years of staffing experience with 400 projects
Long term & devoted service Long term service with absolute devotion