EXCAVATOR HUB AXLE PARTS such as Carrier planet Assy, Sun Gear, Planet Gear, Double Joint, Shaft, Ring Gear, Bearing, Hub Seal, Transmission and related parts Product Features Raw material should be over FD60, Excellent performance for Gear without any defect on the surface with fine tolerance, Stable heating treatment, Angle and working pressure without backlash, Wear abrasion with durability, Exact producing process, 3D visual inspection, Qualified quality control system, Use exact tooling for producing per every items For the customer more satisfaction, we always do consider below 3points to get our vision with partner QUALITY; 1ST Qualified material, Field testing before using, Special compounded material PRICE; Market research to get exact solution, Q.DAS system to saving cost, Minimize waste for environment SERVICE; Full technical support, On time delivery by reasonable shipment charge, Update new technology Product Use TIRE(WHEEL) TYPE EXCAVATOR SPARE PARTS(CORE PARTS)

  • Excavation - works
  • buckets for excavators
  • blades for excavators

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Dongbu Hydraulic parts
South Korea

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05398 Seongnae-Ro 6-Gil, Gangdong-Gu, Seoul - South Korea