TPE compounds for pipe seal applications

Dryflex PS


Introduction Dryflex PS are a range of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds designed for seals and pipe joints used in waste water applications. What are TPEs? TPEs are a family of polymer compounds which display elastic and rubber-like properties at their service temperature. Like thermoplastics, when heated and with the application of shear force, TPEs become free-flowing and when cooled regain their original structure and stability. Unlike the chemical cross-linking which occurs in thermoset rubbers, TPE involves purely physical cross-linking, which can be reversed via the further application of heat, this makes it possible to re-use all production waste and end of life products can be easily reprocessed. Product Assurance We support our customers by proving the performance of our products via relevant testing and working with industry standards. The Dryflex PS grades meet the requirements of EN 681-2:2000, the European Standard EN 681-2, Type WT. This testing allows our cus

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