TPE compounds for the impact modification of recycled polymers


With an ever increasing refuse stream, Government waste prevention programmes and new industry targets, the demand for products made from recycled materials is rising, meaning that recyclability is becoming an increasingly important attribute for polymers. However, thermomechanical degradation from the repeated melting during the recycling process, weathering and contamination can all have negative effects on properties and performance. Dryflex TPE impact modifiers can be added to the recyclate, helping to transform the properties from stiff and brittle to flexible and tough and improve the impact resistance and aesthetics of the finished product. Dryflex TPE compounds are being used as impact modifiers in both primary and secondary recyclate supply streams. Compatibilisation Dryflex TPE impact modifiers can also function as a compatibiliser when used with commingled sources of non-polar polymers such as PP, PE and PS. When added to an immiscible polymer blend, the TPE modifies inte

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