TPE for Blow Moulding Applications

Mediprene BM


Introduction Mediprene BM is a range of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) optimised for medical blow moulding applications. What is blow moulding? Blow moulding is a manufacturing process that is used to produce hollow parts such as bottles, balloons and bags. The process begins with melting the TPE and forming it into a tube, called a parison. The parison is clamped into a divided mould, the tube is pinched at one end, welding it together and then air is blown into it. The air pressure inflates the TPE out to match the mould cavity. Once the TPE has cooled and hardened the mould opens and the part is ejected. Mediprene BM TPE We have designed the Mediprene BM TPE compounds to have high melt strength, giving time to close the mould around the extruded parison while allowing sufficient stretchability during inflation. They also offer good welding in the pinchoff area of the blow mould. They can easily be coloured and give a smooth surface to the finished part. Applications The TPE can

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