TPE for Injection Moulding


Dryflex SE is our standard TPE range. It is extremely adaptable and can be used advantageously in many applications. The compounds are easy to process and are optimised for injection moulding. We have developed endless formulations to fulfil different properties and application requirements to optimise the finished component. Grades with improved compression set properties, high temperature resistance or more cost efficient values are an essential part of today’s wide product spectrum. Key Properties Unfilled, semi-filled & filled series 30 to 90 Shore A hardnesses Translucent, black, natural or coloured compounds are available Good adhesion to PP & PE High flexibility Easy processing via injection moulding Good mechanical properties Applications with food contact are possible Service temperature range from -50°C to 125°C (unstressed) Conforms to European directives 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and 2003/11/EC 100% recyclable Processing Dryflex SE TPE compounds can be processed using con

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