TPE for medical two component applications

Mediprene A


Overmoulding is a powerful technique that allows the production of finished parts in soft and hard material combinations without trimming or assembly. It offers many design and product advantages, allowing designers to differentiate products while meeting important user and patient demands, including soft-touch and cushioning for greater comfort and non-slip surfaces with improved grip for safety. The 500M Mediprene range bonds very well to polyolefins like polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene PP). However, in several medical applications transparent engineering plastics like ABS, PC, PETG and SMMA (and their blends) are utilised. The Mediprene A2 series has been developed to address demands for medical grade TPEs that bond well to these substrates. Special features Unfilled PVC, silicone & latex free 35 to 65 Shore A Flexibility over broad temperature range Resistant to many fluids used in the healthcare environment Sterilizable with gamma, EtO and steam Production site accredited

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