TPE styrene

Dryflex S - One material, infinite possibilities...


TPE styrene based material in 0 Shore A to 65 Shore D. We have developed a family of materials - the Dryflex S range, which can be used advantageously in most applications. The material is easy to process and is ideal for injection moulding but can also be extruded. We have engineered endless formulations to fulfil different properties and application requirements. Grades with improved compression set properties, high temperature or abrasion resistance. Here we give you an introduction to some of our typical grades, contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Applications include: Soft-touch grips & handles Packaging caps & closures Sports equipment Toys & infant care Packaging Tools & hardware Automotive components Download the Dryflex S Product Guide Dryflex S 400 Series SBS Based Materials A good alternative for indoor applications and disposable articles that do not have high requirements for ageing and heat resistance. The 400S series covers grades from

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