TPE with Optimised Compression Set

Dryflex CS


Dryflex CS is a range of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds, based on SEBS. The range has been engineered to deliver optimised compression set performance. The raw materials used to manufacture Dryflex CS compounds are compliant with major food contact regulations (food contact statements available on request). The compounds also offer excellent organoleptic performance. What is Compression Set? Compression set is the measure of permanent deformation remaining when an applied force is removed. A TPE sample is compressed to a specific deformation, for a specified time and at a specific temperature. The compression set value is the percentage of the sample that fails to recover to its original height and is an important performance indicator for applications such as seals, flexible connectors and gaskets. For a 40 shore A hardness TPE, typical compression set values are 65 to 70 percent, with the Dryflex CS range this is reduced to 40 percent (22 hours at 100 degree). Key Chara

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