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Ming Xiao produce extrusion TPR / TPE / PU / TPU soft profiles. TPR is a thermoplastic rubber material, which is generally modified with SBS base material (in a narrow sense, this is a way to distinguish it from SEBS modified TPE), and is usually made into spherical particles, ellipsoidal particles and round strips. Glossy transparent or white particles. TPR material has the characteristics of rubber, with good elasticity, resilience and shrinkage, abrasion resistance and weather resistance. However, the processing method is simpler than that of rubber. It can be processed and produced by an ordinary injection molding machine. It can also be used for plastic toughening modification. It can be encapsulated or composite injection molded with PP, ABS and other materials. It does not need to be vulcanized like rubber. ,Increase productivity. In addition, TPR is a new type of environmentally friendly material, non-toxic, tasteless, and recyclable, which is a huge advantage over rubber.

Extrusion of rubber and plastic
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Product features

Hardness 0-90A
Color White and all colors
Technics Plastic Extrusion
Natural state Flexible

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