PVC INSULATED,PUR SHEATED EXTRA FLEXIBLE SCREENED OIL RESISTANT CONTROL CABLES Marking BIRTAS KABLO BIRTFLEX-EF 6511-C-PUR 4 G 1mm2 1020 07 004 Part no GOST-R CE mt. Application These screened oil resistance high-flexibility control cables are designed for applications where cable flexibility is needed. These cables are used for instrumention ,control and connecting of control units in mechanical tool construction, conveyor and assembly lines, production lines, any areas where continuous bending loads for free movement without tensile load forced movement in the cable trailing chain is required. The screen above the inner sheat protects against external interference pulses and ensures an interference-free transmission, and transfer impedance is max. 250 ?/km at 30MHZ. Cable Design Conductor Extra flexible copper wires, plain; IEC 60228 Class 6, TS/DIN EN 60228 Class 6 Insulation Speacial PVC compound Core identification Acc. to TS/DIN EN 50334 black cores with white...

Product features

Standard TS HD 21.13 S1, DIN VDE 0281-13DIN VDE 0282-10 (Designed according to)
Insulation resistance Min. 50 MΩ.km
Rated voltage Uo/U 300 / 500V
Test voltage 2000 V
Temperature range - 40 oC ~ + 70 oC; Mobile: - 5 oC ~ + 70 oC
Min. bending radius 4 x D; Mobile: 7,5 x D
Flame retardance test IEC 60332-1 & EN 50265-2-1
Oil test IEC 60811-2-1
Transfer impedance Max. 250 Ω/km at 30MHZ


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