SST-B TRANSET fiberglass reinforcing mesh is a mesh of glass fibers, which is impregnated with a compound based on bituminous or bitumen-polymer primers. Typical application: the mesh is intended for reinforcement of rolled materials, serves as adhesive undercoat of polymer strips and combined protective corrosion-resistant coatings based on bituminous, bitumen-polymer or asphalt-resinous materials, is intended for reinsulating pipes of oil&gas products lines up to 1420 mm in diameter inclusive during overhaul repairs, with a temperature of a flowing product not exceeding +35°С. Advantages: according to Technical requirements to exterior bitumen-polymer materials, coatings and to their application techniques during repairs of main gas pipelines, a variety of design concepts was offered with the use of SST-B TRANSET mesh as reinforcing material both in “hot” application method.

Glass, reinforced
  • insulation
  • reinforcement adhesive and biadhesive tapes


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