Yakbizon series


Tripod YAKBIZON allows the support of formwork formwork props during the installation phase. It is made of a shaped tube and it has high stability and a platform for adjusting on high. Primer or powder coating. The following specifications are available: Tripod Economy Baumak: material 20*20*1 mm, height 720 mm, pad 100*80*3 mm, half-way length 70 cm, mount: hook, weight 2.54 kg Tripod YAKBIZON ST: material 25*25*1,2 mm, height 780 mm, pad 100*80*4 mm, half-way length 85 cm, mount: hook, weight 4,8 kg Tripod YAKBIZON C +: material 30*30*1,5 mm, height 720 mm, pad 100*80*5 mm, half-way length 140 cm, mount: tie rod with nut, weight 6,53 kg

Building materials
  • Formwork components
  • spacers for building trade
  • scaffolding for the construction industry

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