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TSC Series | Torque & Speed Conditioner

Torque and Speed Conditioner for Torque Sensor Signals


The TSC Series is the Torque and Speed Conditioner used to connect Magtrol Eddy-Current (WB) or Powder (PB) Dynamometers to the DSP7000 Dynamometer Controller. Powered by the dynamometer controller, and based on a precision instrumentation amplifier, the unit amplifies and filters the torque signal. It also provides power and connections for the speed pickup sensor which is located in the dynamometer.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • Signal Conditionner
  • Torque Measurment
  • Motor Test Equipement

Product features

Offset ±0.2% (Full Scale Defection)
Symmetry ±0.1% (Full Scale Defection)
Bandwidth (3dB single pole) 20Hz
Offset Drift <100ppm/ °C
Sensitivity Drift <50ppm/ °C
Supply Voltage ±20 - ±30V
Supply Current 40mA nominal / 45mA max.
Torque O/P Voltage 5VDC ±0.2%
Max. O/P Current 5mA
Min. O/P Load 1kΩ

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