Double engagement design with intermediate shaft to realize particular torsion spring stiffnesses The TSCHAN ® POSIFLEX ®-coupling is a torsionally stiff gear coupling with a certain backlash. It compensates for angular, parallel and axial shaft misalignments within defined ranges. Parallel shaft offset can only be compensated by the double engagement design with two toothing planes. The coupling transmits the torque via hubs with crowned gear teeth which are in permanent mesh with the straight gear teeth of the sleeves. There must be a certain gear tooth circumferential clearance in order to compensate misalignments of the connected machines. The spacer can be radially mounted and dismounted without having to move the connected machines. The distance dimension ‘E’ between the flange hubs can then be used, for example, to service connected machines. Avoid pollution of the environment due to leaking lubricants. When the spacer is dismounted, a check of the rotational direction of...


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