TSCHAN® TKSG (SEB-design) Construction and design acc. to operation sheet of German Steel Iron Industry SEB 666212 Hub and housing of standard material - Additional retainer rings improve axial fixing of the barrel by created axial rope forces General features Torsionally rigid, compensate for angular and axial shaft misalignment Torque transmission by hardened steel rollers For use in crane/ hoist applications to support the rope drum Outer diameters up to 850 mm Wear indication Bores up to 400 mm Torques up to T Kmax = 685,000 Nm FEATURES AND APPLICATIONS TSCHAN TK barrel couplings are recommended for installation in crane lifting mechanisms, to connect the cable drum with the gearbox output shaft, as well as in winch conveyors and platform hoists. By selecting the coupling size (Table 1a/1b in the catalogue), it is necessery to consider the radial load (S T(N)), the dimension of the gearbox shaft (d min – d max) and especially the transmission torque (T) with the operating...


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