One-part design - Standard hub The coupling TSCHAN ® TNM E is a torsionally elastic and puncture-proof claw coupling. It balances out angular, radial and axial shaft misalignments within defined limits. The coupling transfers the torque via pressure loadable, elastic buffers of Perbunan (Pb) which are joined together as an intermediate ring. The elastic intermediate ring can cushion impacts and torsional vibrations; it is oil-tight and electrically conductive. The coupling is usable in every sense of rotation and installation position. TSCHAN ® TNM E One-part design - standard hub. Elastic intermediate ring in different hardnesses: standard Pb72, hard Pb82. General features Torsionally flexible, compensate for angular, radial and axial shaft misalignment Intermediate rings loaded in compression Elastomers available in various shore hardness degrees Suitable for temperatures from –30°C to +100°C The elastic ring can be replaced without having to move the coupled machines...


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