One-part design with brake disk - Brake disk made of nodular graphite iron The TSCHAN ® TNM ETW is an torsionally flexible and shock-proof claw coupling with brake disc. They compensate for angular as well as radial and axial shaft misalignment within fixed tolerances. The torque is transmitted through an elastic transitional ring. The elastic transitional ring made of Perbunan (Pb) with nitrile rubber as the base material dampens shocks and torsional vibrations, is oil-proof, insensitive to temperature and normally electrically conductive. This prevents undesirable static charging, among other things. The coupling can be used for either direction of rotation and be installed in any position. TSCHAN ® TNM ETW One part design with brake disk in nodular cast iron. Elastic intermediate ring in different hardnesses: standard Pb72, hard Pb82. General features Torsionally flexible, compensate for angular, radial and axial shaft misalignment Intermediate rings loaded in...

Couplings, mechanical
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