Double-row torsional highflexTSCHAN ® TNR 2428.2 for shaft-shaft connection. Double-row torsional highflex TSCHAN ® TNR 2428.2 for shaft-shaft connection. In mind of X1 easy replacement of the elastic buffers without axial movement of the coupled machines. TSCHAN® TNR The TSCHAN® TNR coupling has specifically been designed and optimized for use primarily in internal combustion engines. In such applications, dynamic disturbances are caused by periodic excitation and utilization of a large speed range. It is therefore necessary to shift unavoidable resonances by deliberately adjusting the stiffness. The new TSCHAN® TNR – a compact, plug-in configuration, optionally available as puncture-proof or not fail-safe design, and dynamically adjustable over a wide temperature range. Key data: Dynamic stiffness: elastic to highly elastic transmission capability Torque [Nm]: 144 to 9600 Speed [rpm]: 1200 to 4750 Temperature range: -50°C to +230°C Every drive line has its characteristic...


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