The TSCHAN ® TNS S-BT coupling is a torsionally flexible, puncture proof claw coupling with brake drum or brake disk. It compensates for angular, radial and axial shaft misalignments within defined limits. The coupling transmits torque through elastic buffers loaded in shear. These buffers come in Perbunan (Pb) or polyurethane (Vk), as a standard VkR, and are connected to each other to form an elastic buffer ring. This buffer ring dampens shocks and torsional vibrations and is resistant to oil. Buffer rings made of Perbunan are electrically conductive. The coupling is suitable for use in every direction of rotation and installation position. Coupling with standard hub and brake drum TSCHAN ®-TNS S-BT The intermediate ring can be replaced after shifting a shaft with fitted hub. Notes Version with extended hub possible Standard material for intermediate ring: VkR Installed size L must be maintained without fail. Axial displacement must be taken into account through allowances for...


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