TSD225/0 Baltograph

Mobile & Stationary


The TSD225/0 is the highest capacity Monopolar tube of our range. It is designed to be used on light alloys, composites or medium steel thicknesses. One large filament can be used for high power applications (3 kW) and high dose demanding applications while the small focus will be ideal for high definition radiographies at reduced distances. The TSD225/0 is generally highly sufficient for the majority of standard industrial applications and is giving the advantage of still being Monopolar. Slightly larger than a 160 tube, the housing diameter is only 124 mm which will ensure that the tube can still be inserted even in tiny spaces. The tube shielding is internal and reduces the radiation leakage to less than 1 R/h @ 1 m as required by International standards. In and out fluid inlets are mounted with universal connectors while the HV plug cone is a R24. This tube can be used with all brands of generators provided that the load curve can be adapted. See our specialists if you intend...

  • Baltograph
  • Mobile and stationary

Product features

Tube type Metal Ceramic
Beam angle ° 40°
Cooling mode Water
HV Connector R24
Nominal power W 640 / 3000
Inherent filtration mm 0,8 Be
Target angle ° 20°
Leakage* mSv/h@1m 10
Cooling flow rate l/min. 4
Weight Kg 11
Max. Current @ kV Max. mA 2,8 / 13
Focal spot (EN12543) d 1 / 5,5
Max. Current mA 15 / 30

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