TSM Pad Printing Machine Series

Flexible pad printing machine for large or long print images.


TSM – universal transverse doctor blade kit for print motifs up to a length of 520 or 650 mm and a print image up to 80 or 130 mm wide. The special feature here is that it is able to handle extremely large or very long print images on one and the same printing unit in just one printing pass. It is ideally suited for long printing parts that require a lot of print. Versions with servomechanical drive are characterized by a very high number of cycles and a very high force of pressure. Energy-efficient cinematics in doctor or pad movement and a resource-saving machine frame construction round off the successful machine concept.

Automation - systems and equipment
  • Pad printing
  • Pad Printing Machine
  • Transverse Doctoring Unit

Product features

Application Pad Printing
Application field Stand-alone, Halb-Automation
Number of colors 1-2
Drive kit pneumatic or servomechanic

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