Washing and degreasing of KLT crates and forms in the automotive industry


The machine is designed for quick, easy and effective cleaning of KLT crates and forms in the automotive industry. The device consists of the main washing zone followed by a rinsing zone and one blowing-off unit. The water from the washing and rinsing tanks are continuously filtered via two oil skimmers – one for each tank. Refreshing the water in the main tank with hot rinse water reduces the water and energy consumption. The filling of detergent in the washing tank is automatic via a dosing pump. Both main and rinsing tanks are equipped with filters for capturing the metal particles with size up to 100 μm. The machine is equipped with two 2.2 kW fans for vapour exhausting. The collected vapour from the fans passes through two condensers where it has been liquefied and returned into the main tank. There are four fans x 3 kW for removing residual rinsing water from the crates. The crates transportation speed is adjusted via a frequency controller.

Industrial washing facilities
  • KLT washer
  • KLT washing machine
  • Tunnel KLT Crates and forms washing machine

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