Table tents are one of the most flexible marketing displays out there, performing wonderfully as both advertising tools and table decorations. And not only table decorations: you can use them on counters, office desks or store windowsills, and all areas with heavy customer traffic. As product displays, table tents are often underestimated. With the right strategy, you can make this potent point of sale material work for you and boost your sales. You can use them as a part of a larger campaign, to highlight certain products or discounts, or simply as promotional material that boosts brand awareness and recall. When it comes to table tents, the most important things are durability and credibility. You can't let your ad look shabby, damaged or plain mediocre. Our plastic table tents guarantee none of that will happen, plus you'll have high-resolution images, making your ads stand out and bring in those sales. Our table tents are fully customizable!

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