Table sweetener

Prebiosweet Fitness Functional Sugar Substitute. Zero Calories.

1.33€ HT


Prebiosweet Fitness is not only safe but also good for health. It is essential for a carbohydrate-free diet and skin fasting as it helps to lose weight and stay in shape. Indicated for diabetics. It has a pure sweet taste and can replace sugar in drinks, pastry, desserts. Heat-stable. Prebiosweet Fitness contains 10% of the world-famous lactulose, the prebiotic No. 1. Lactulose stimulates the growth and activity of beneficial intestinal microflora. Money-saving: 150 g pack replaces 1.5 kg of sugar. Measuring spoon in each pack. 1 measuring spoon replaces 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Dietary and organic foods
  • sweeteners
  • Diet aids
  • slimming supplement

Product features

Net weight, kg 0,15
Gross weight, kg 0,165
Dimensions (D * W * H), cm 5 * 12 * 16
Package: gross weight 4,96
Dimensions (D * W * H), cm 28*20*30
Number of pieces (kg) per pallet 2400
Number of boxes per pallet 80

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