Table-top Disinfection Dispenser "Budget III"

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Our manual tabletop disinfectant dispenser "Budget III" is a flexible, stable and practical hygiene dispenser. Its field of application includes all places where wall mounting is not possible or sensible, such as in outpatient nursing, in laboratories or doctors' surgeries, on workbenches, on counters or on other mobile workplaces. This disinfection station consists of a stand and a manual disinfectant dispenser, which has a straight, functional design. The stable dispenser is operated by elbow, so this table stand can be used freely, independent of batteries and any power supply. Thanks to the integrated, removable tank with a capacity of 1000 ml, our tabletop disinfectant dispenser "Budget III" does not depend on any specific bottle size or shape. The tank can be easily removed and refilled with liquid or gel-like disinfectant.

  • Plate glass and mirrors
  • Hygiene Stations

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46419 Isselburg - Germany